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dublab Radio presents a weekly series featuring some of the best live performances captured in its LA studio and beyond. Subscribe and experience the ever-curious and cross-genre explorations that have come to define dublab over its 20 years of broadcasting.

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    Baby Dee

    We were so honored to have joined Baby Dee and her band on location at a VisionVersion film shoot. Shot at a hidden Japanese cocktail house in Los Angeles, we were able to the capture her dynamic live performance for this recording.

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    Animal Collective

    Recorded in 2003, this early era Animal Collective set features sticks, stones, and all you have you come to know and love from this band.

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    Low Res From The Plug Research DATs

    Joins us for a live set of wild, nearly undefinable future jazz, hip-hop and experimental electronics by early Plug Research, Sublime Records and Mille Plateaux artist, Danny Zelonky aka Low Res. Likely recorded between ’98 and ’00, this set is a lost treasure created by an artist crucial to the 90s electronic music scene in Los Angeles. Low Res and other artists, such as Allen Avenessian, Joe Babylon, and Dimitri Fergadis aka Pthalocyanine, would all release music on Plug Research prior to second-generation artists like Daedelus and Flying Lotus (who came to define the label for some time).

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    K Á R Y Y N

    K Á R Y Y N stopped by the dublab Studio to perform pieces from her latest work, THE QUANTA SERIES, released through Mute Records this year!

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    Matmos and Keith Fullerton Whitman

    This performance was recorded live at Matmos’ home studio in San Francisco. We hope you enjoy this improvised set with Matmos and Keith Fullerton Whitman!

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    Flying Lotus

    In 2009, Flying Lotus joined us for a live set. We are happy to bring you this dynamic performance again!

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    Julia Holter

    Julia Holter stopped by our studio in 2007 for one of her first ever live performances. Tune in to hear one of our favorite live sets!

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    Helado Negro

    In 2011, Helado Negro visited dublab on a broadcast day organized to assist in Japanese earthquake and tsunami relief. The broadcast, entitled DUBLAB LOVES JAPAN, featured an array of artists focused on sending support to our friends affected by the disaster. We hope you enjoy their live set!

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    Hudson Mohawke

    Producer, composer, and DJ, Hudson Mohawke, stopped by Flying Lotus' show, Brainfeeder, for a live set. We hope you can tune in for a frenetic performance.

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    Linda Perhacs Band

    Linda Perhacs and her band, composed of Julia Holter, Michelle Vidal, and Aaron Robinson, stopped by the dublab studio for a live performance. Perhac’s 1970 album, Parallelograms, has become a timeless classic. Tune in for a special performance by a truly unique artist and her band.  

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